Lorna Burford, Editor-in-Chief of DenimBlog answers five of your most pressing denim questions…

Last week I met (virtually, of course) the Lorna Burford; esteemed blogger (read her personal blog here), editor-in-chief of DenimBlog and 2013 winner of the Bath in Fashion Blogger Awards. Given her specialty, I figured there’s no one better to answer your top five questions about-you guessed it, denim.

1. How do you feel about wearing denim on denim? 

I love double denim! It’s an amazing combination to wear, especially when worn right. It can look stylish, inventive and really fashionable. Make sure your two pieces of denim are different washes, so a light blue on top and a dark blue on the bottom and you will be all set! The best way is a light blue denim jacket or denim shirt with some dark blue skinny jeans. You can even do triple denim as I have done before.

Lorna Burford triple denim

In this photo, Lorna wears three different washes of denim… don’t be afraid to push boundaries. 


2. Which wash do you wear the most and why? 
This varies actually. I tend to wear mid blues mostly, mid to light blues. However I gravitate towards black denim a huge amount as it’s clean and sophisticated. Black skinny jeans go with everything.
Black skinny jeansTry these black skinny jeans from Forever21 to amp up your look.


3. We all know that jeans are the go-to for wearing denim. Which cut is your favourite and why? 
The skinny is my favourite. Usually the ankle peg skinny with a high rise, just like the Citizens of Humanity Crop jeans. They suit my body shape perfectly and have the best inseam length for me too. They always have to be stretchy, a thinner denim and comfortable though when it comes to a skinny. Something you can stay in all the time without feeling restricted.


4. For those who aren’t fans of jeans, what’s a comfortable and fashionable way to include denim in the wardrobe?

If you don’t like jeans on your legs, a great way to wear denim is with a denim jacket. They can easily be thrown over a dress in the Summer or paired with sweat pants, shorts, leggings, skirts etc at other times. Just replace your usual jacket with a denim version.


5. Denim has always been a huge trend, but has been receiving tons of extra attention since last year. Recent denim trends include: the return of bell bottoms, cropped denim pants, patterned denim… the list goes on. Out of all the denim trends you’ve seen lately, which one is your favourite and why? 

My favourite at the moment would probably have to be the resurrection of vintage denim, much like the Levi’s 501’s. RE/DONE do an amazing job of deconstructing and reconstructing old vintage Levi’s jeans and making them more modern, but loads of other denim brands are releasing their own take on new jeans that look old and worn in. These feature the high rise, a button fly, thicker denim and a straight cropped leg. This trend doesn’t work for everyone though as you do have to have a specific body type for them, but I love the vintage Levi’s 501 denim shorts too for myself. I have lots of them!

…And that’s all! Be sure to check out DenimBlog for any other denim questions you might have. Would you like  more interviews or posts like this? Let me know by emailing me, reaching out on social media or leaving a comment below. All the information you need is on the “Contact Me” page.

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