“I’m a medium… except sometimes I’m a small, but then sometimes those are both too small, so I might be a large. It depends, really.” Admit it, we’ve all been there. The real reason behind the fitting room struggles we all face…

I know we’ve all struggled with sizing before. It’s the reason you pick up three of the same pair of pants, all in different sizes, or two of the same size- because for some reason the second pair fits way better than the first…

When Parsons X Teen Vogue asked me to take a little research trip to the mall and post about it as an assignment, I was more than happy to oblige.

What I learned in the Parsons X Teen Vogue lesson is that every single item on the rack is actually made with up to 1/2″ tolerance. What does that mean?

Say you’re trying on a shirt in size medium- and it fits great- so you tell your friend (who’s the same size) to buy the exact same shirt. Don’t be surprised if the next day you friend goes out, tries on the medium and the fit is too snug or too loose. Those two shirts could have up to a 1/2″ difference in size. Why is that?

When garments are mass-produced, there are computers and machines running most of the production, but since there are humans setting those computers and sometimes we humans make mistakes, each garment might be a 1/2″  smaller or larger than the size it’s supposed to be, depending on how the computers and other machines were set up.

As an assignment, Parsons X Teen Vogue asked me to go to the mall and try on a variety of garments in varying sizes.

Fit itemHere is the item that fit me best. I found it at H&M and actually loved it so much that I bought it for myself (Confessions of a Shopaholic Part 2, starring yours truly). **Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the link to the actual sweater, but you can check out this cute and cozy alternative here** 

I tried on this exact sweater in four sizes and found that two of those sizes fit me well. Of those two sizes, I chose the one that fit me best, and tried on three of the sweater in that size. All three fit differently, which came as quite a shock.

Lesson learned, it should never be just a one and done in the fitting room…

Oh, and research trips to the mall are never a bad idea, ever. 

Until Next Time…



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