And, no, not the kind under your eyes in the morning because you stayed up all night reading this post (we’ll get to those later I promise). 

I don’t know why, but I’ve always had an obsession with purses and bags, but haven’t we all? Something about buying a new purse has always been a sort of thrill for me- somewhere to put all the money I don’t have because, as I mentioned in my last post, I’m just a bit of a shopaholic. So, me being me, when Parsons X TeenVogue asked me to create a sample of a bag I sketched a while ago, come up with a proposed cost and do a blog post about it, I was beyond thrilled! Without further ado, I present to you the Marshmallow Purse.

IMG_1292Earlier in the course, I was asked to take a bunch of “new perspective” images (one of my earlier posts was inspired by another one of these images. Haven’t read it yet? Click here). Here is a (very close-up) image I took of some marshmallows in a plastic bag. Something about the shape and colours of the marshmallows inspired the purse I was asked to sketch in another assignment.

Marshmallow PurseHere is the sketch of the purse (I have no idea how to rotate it!). I sketched this in plain pencil and used Prismacolor pencils to colour it in and trace the edges.

IMG_1625Here is a fabric card I used to help me select a fabric to create the actual bag in. Designers use fabric cards when designing collections or pieces where they’re considering more than one fabric. On the index card I wrote down the manufacturer, style name and number, what the fabric is made of, how much is on the bolt and how much money it is per meter. I also attached a swatch of the fabrics I was considering, though I did not create the sample in any of these fabrics because the sample is just a rough draft.

Processed with VSCOcam with p5 preset
Here is a very filtered (very Instagram ready!) picture of the sample of the purse I created. I made this sample out of muslin and attached some buttons I had lying around my studio (anyone who wants a studio tour, you might just be in luck!).


As the final part of my assignment, I was asked to calculate an approximate cost for the bag. If I decided to use the green striped fabric from the fabric card to produce the bag with plain white buttons, the approximate cost of the bag would be $22 . Here’s why:


1/2m of green cotton fabric= $7.00

3 plain white 1/2″ buttons at $0.50 each= $1.50

1/2 hour @ $11.75/ hour= $5.88


20% profit= $2.88



**For those of you wondering why the retail price is so much more than the cost plus profit, it’s so that stores can offer the bag at up to 20% off, while still meeting the minimum price requirement ($17.26). 

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Let me know if you guys would buy my bag!

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UPDATE: February 1, 2016

As a new assignment in course three of the ParsonsXTeenVogue program, the industry experts asked that we (the students) create a large enough piece of fabric to create a sample of our bags, then create the sample and do a blog post about it.

Here’s what I came up with:

bag sample silk screened.JPGNow I’ll admit, it’s definitely not as good as the tapestry I created in this post (though I kind of intended it to be that way). Since the original design featured polkadots instead of stripes, I was a bit challenged trying to keep the originality of the design in a different fabric. I decided that I wanted to make the stripes look more erratic and almost as if a toddler painted them on. I figured if I could keep the youthfulness of the design even with the stripes then the message of the original sketch would still be apparent. So I decided to silk screen the stripes on, but I didn’t give myself any guidelines for painting on the stripes (no measurements and certainly no tape). Instead, I painted them on first with a bigger brush, and then I went over each side of the stripe with a smaller detail brush to make it look more childlike.

Since I didn’t have any buttons with stripes on them, I decided to paint on what the buttons would look like if they were striped as well.

That’s all for this mini-update! Let me know what you guys think by leaving a comment below, or tell me on social media by following me on



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