There are very few good things about the back to school season… but I know for sure that one of them is back to school shopping. As a shopping addict, it’s probably one of my favourite things to do all year, and I make it my mission to have the cutest supplies I can find. But, I also know they’ll probably get destroyed by the beginning of the second semester, so I try to get only what I absolutely need, and here it is:

Binders Shot


I got four binders this year: one for each class in a semester. At the end of the semester, I’ll take my work out of the binder and transfer it to a box for that subject to use as reference if I think I’ll need it next year, otherwise, I’ll throw it out. Then, I’ll recycle the binder and use it for another class during second semester.  I find that one inch binders do fine for most classes, but if you need extra room you can get a 1.5″ binder (or just take out a chapter you’ve already finished studying).

Notebooks Shot


I find it much easier to use notebooks to take notes instead of using loose sheets of paper because I find that it’s much easier to lose your work if it’s done on a loose sheet. I got 8 college ruled notebooks, one for each subject for the whole year. Unlike binders, I can’t recycle the notebooks after a semester and use it for another class, so I needed double the notebooks.

Pens and Pencils

I got a box of regular pencils, in case someone asks me to borrow one and also in case I lose my other pencils. As for lead pencils, I use mechanical pencils, but I only got the lead this year (and saved some money) since I still had the pencils from last year. I got black, medium print ballpoint pens (I usually prefer not to write in blue), and I just got one pack to start off the year. Since I haven’t used these pens and don’t know for sure if I’ll like them, I’m going to go back for more once I know for sure. I also got a pack of coloured pens, since I like my notes to be colour coded.

Highlighters Shot


I got a variety pack of highlighters, which will help me to differentiate key points in my notes depending on which colour I used to highlight it. For example, purple is typically used for dates, while pink is used for names and orange is for places. This system is especially useful if you’re taking classes where a lot of memorization is involved, like history or law.

Erasers Shot


Just a basic pack of erasers since I already know I’m going to be making a looooottt of mistakes this year.

Agenda Shot


The key to organization, in my opinion. My school does provide agendas for the students, but I usually go for a much bigger (much cuter) one. If you buy one thing from this haul I suggest buying an agenda and using it diligently to save your life.

Pencil Case Shot.jpg

Pencil Case

I know I’m going to lose most of my supplies, but to prevent me from losing all of them, I got this pencil case to hold them in. I chose one that went with my agenda (for the aeshetic) and also has a sassy lil’ saying on it that also kind of matches my agenda.

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