In my four years of high school, I think I can count on one hand the amount of times I’ve worn makeup to school- and I’ve almost been late every time. To the girls who can wake up at 5:00AM and hit school with a fully highlighted and contoured face after a healthy breakfast and a jog: I admire you, I respect you, but I can’t be you. When I decide to wear makeup for school I need it to be quick, natural looking, and easy. And thus was born my version of the famous Five Minute Face.


Quickly Conceal

After I’ve washed my face and moisturized (all part of my skincare routine!  Let me know if you’d be interested in seeing what I do)! I need to even out my skintone and conceal any problem areas in the easiest way possible. Usually, I do this by applying a lightweight, almost sheer foundation, since I don’t have very many breakouts. Then I’ll go in with a concealer under my eyes, on my forehad, and down my nose.



If your school is anything like mine, it’s either 900 degrees or -900 degrees. Either way, your base products will be much more prone to creasing. Since I have combination skin, I set my whole face and focus on extra-oily areas. If you have dry skin, I’d only set under the eyes since that’s where concealer tends to crease the most.



Since I prefer to leave my face alone for a little bit after setting, I’ll work on my eyes next. I’ll start by using an eyelash curler on my lashes (10s each). Then, I’ll go over it with a couple coats of my favourite mascara (or two mascaras, if you want to be really extra).



I find that foundation and powder alone tend to make my face look a little bit 2-dimensional. To bring some life back into my face, I’ll usually dust on a little bit of a warm toned-not-overly-pink blush.

Primer Water

Setting It

I like to set all of that by spraying a lightweight setting spray on top just to make sure my makeup doesn’t come off halfway through the day. For this, I normally use my Smashbox Photo Finish Primer Water as my setting spray because it doesn’t feel sticky and gives my skin a natural glow.


Lip Stick

To be honest, this is usually done in the car. I use a pink or peachy toned hydrating lipstick or chapstick to finish off the look and keep my lips hydrated all day. Pro tip: toss your lip product of choice in your bag for touchups- nothing looks worse than lipstick-ed lips after lunch. Wipe off what’s left and re-apply.


Do you wear makeup to school? If you do, what’s your makeup routine?



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7 thoughts on “Back To School: 5 Minute Face

  1. Haha oh my gosh so relatable!! Okay first of all, the CREEP ME at the end cracks me up. And my school is either 900 or -900 also! SO annoying. Makes it hard to look cute if you want to wear a jacket or short sleeved top. I don’t ever wear makeup to school–I just can’t be one of those girls! Great post Sofia 🙂 And also your pictures and that polka dot makeup bag are really cute

    Miles of smiles,


    1. Hehe thanks!! At least you get to choose what to wear to school (we have a full uniform)! The bag is from Kate Spade (it was a gift) and I would highly recommend it if you’re in the market for a makeup bag, it’s especially great for travelling!

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