Happy New Year everyone! I have officially dubbed 2018 the year of mindfulness, and am prioritizing health and wellness this year by incorporating habits into my routine that will keep me organized, relaxed, and happy all year long. Having been ridiculously busy in January, I’m hitting the reset button now and have finally made a huge change; adding bullet journaling to my daily routine.

Bullet journaling is when you create a comprehensive organizational guide for yourself. In a dotted notebook, you can lay out everything you need or want for yourself in the year. From monthly and weeky calendars, to habit trackers, to spaces for notes and ideas, to sketches and doodles, bullet journaling provides a chance to personalize and create a space that reflects your own life and your own mind. Plus, you can decorate it all yourself- which I’ve found to be pretty theraputic!

Below, I walk you through, step-by-step, how I created my bullet journal for February 2018. *Note: Possessing an amount of artistic talent so low it’s laughable, I found it necessary- in order to preserve my dignity- to keep my decorations relatively simple. For the artistically inclined, a quick YouTube or Pinterest search will have you set with hundreds of inspirational designs!


The first page in the February spread is the title page, where the month’s theme, Valentine’s Day, is made clear. On the other side of the spread is the monthly overview.  The days of the week are highlighted and a mini calendar is underneath. Below that is the section for “Monthly Goals”.  The items on the list are yearly goals I hope to have completed by the end of the month, or goals specific to the month at hand. Each goal is marked with a progress bar and boxes are shaded in when the goal is complete.


The second spread features the “Mood Tracker” and “Habit Tracker” pages. The “Mood Tracker” page features a large pie chart with 28 individual sections, each marked with the date (1-28 for February 1-28). Beside the chart is a legend with various moods listed and colour-coded. At the end of each day, I shade in how I was feeling using the colours from the legend. The “Habit Tracker” page works in a similar way. There are 11 habits (eating well, praying, reading, etc.) listed, each with its own monthly calendar beneath it. The dates on the calendar are numbered from 1 to 28, and the days where I partook in any of the habits are shaded in on the corresponding characters. The idea here isn’t to complete every habit every day, but rather to see how often each was practised and what areas for improvement there are going into the next month.


The next spread is where many choose to place their monthly planner so that the bullet journal becomes where all planning takes place. However, I prefer to use a separate agenda to plan out days, and use my bullet journal more as a reflective piece. I still kept the layout of a monthly planner for this spread, but used it instead to write one word to describe each day.  If you prefer to use your bullet journal as an agenda, the monthly planner section could go here.


The next spread features the “I’m Bored” page. This is a chart where I wrote things that I can do when I’m bored, particularly in the month of February. For example, “GO SKATING” would be on the “I’m Bored” list in February, and not in June. However, the chart does feature a few general ideas to combat boredom as well.


The final spread for February features an area for reflection as well as the “Goodbye February” page. This month, the reflectionary piece is a list of the 10 Best Memories from February. In other month’s it could be a sketch, a paragraph, a quote, etc.- I find it helpful to change it monthly to stop it from becoming tedious. As for the “Goodbye” page, I find it a nice way to send off the month. However, depending on the month and the number of pages used, I may or may not include it. Since I find it best to start the next month on a fresh spread, I wouldn’t include it if it had to go on the next page.


Bullet journaling is a relaxing way to become self-aware, to develop and to keep up with good habits. It can be theraputic to decorate the journal however one pleases, and completing a month is rewarding and energizing. So, do you bullet journal? If not, do you intend to start soon? Let me know in the comments below!

Be sure to share this post on social media, and let me know if you’d like more posts about organization and journaling!


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One thought on “Beginner’s Guide: Bullet Journaling

  1. This is so cool! I love your decorations. I don’t bullet journal, but I do keep a color coordinated planner and goal list for the year. Have a great Monday!

    Miles of smiles,



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