Ever since I was able to dress myself, I’ve known about the “laws” of fashion. Wear this, don’t wear that, seriously don’t wear those two together.  I’ll agree, there are some things tha should just never be done- ever. However, in my experience, especially in sewing and design school, I learned that only are a majority of these “rules” completely ridiculous, it’s acually really cool to break them. Here are Three Fashion “Rules” you SHOULD be breaking:

 1. Don’t wear white after Labour Day. 

Not only is this rule super outdated, it’s also just dumb and impractical. White is so clean and chic year round that it would be silly to avoid it for a season! If you feel uncomfortable wearing a full-on white dress to the holiday parties, you can start small with white accessories, or white jeans to work (depending on where you work). If you’re feeling bolder, try making a statement with a white shoe! I love my all-white Doc Martens all the time, but they’re definitely a statement maker in the winter, standing out among the black ankle boots that everyone else is wearing. White Doc Martens

2. Don’t Mix Prints

While I agree with this rule in some cases, mixing prints has recently become a huge fashion trend, and it’s silly to miss out on it because of the “rule” that says you can’t! When mixng prints, I prefer to keep one print more subtle than the other, and keep them in the same colour family. For example, a dress with subte stripes would look incredibly chic with a houndstooth blazer on top. Alternatively, you could add a printed accessory to your look to elevate your outfit without being too bold. I love this polka dot infinity scarf from Charming Charlie, which would add a sense of playfullness without being overkill.

3. Don’t Wear Denim on Denim 

I wholeheartedly disagree with this statement. A “Canadian Tuxedo” is having a huge moment in fashion right now, appearing on runways, in magazines, and on your favourite stars. While it’s important to keep in mind that certain washes of denim may not pair well together, washing you out or just making your outfit look ultra-plain, the idea of mixing denim in itself is incredible. There are plenty of ways to mix denim without going overboard- through denim accessories, different washes, or even the traditional “Canadian Tuxedo” can be toned down. Double denim creates an ultra-chic, laid back look that everyone is looking for right now. In this post, I interview blogger Lorna Burford, who answers your top 5 denim questions, and even provides her own advice on double-denim!


Hopefully, you’re inspired to spice up your winter looks by rebelling against the fashion “laws” and making a statement! Are there any fashion “rules” that you love to break? Or any that you think must be followed at all costs? Let me know by leaving a comment below!

CREEP ME (see how many fashion “rules” I break on the daily)!


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