Three Fashion “Rules” You SHOULD Be Breaking

Ever since I was able to dress myself, I’ve known about the “laws” of fashion. Wear this, don’t wear that, seriously don’t wear those two together.  I’ll agree, there are some things tha should just never be done- ever. However, in my experience, especially in sewing and design school, I learned that only are a majority of these… Read More

Beginner’s Guide: Bullet Journaling

Happy New Year everyone! I have officially dubbed 2018 the year of mindfulness, and am prioritizing health and wellness this year by incorporating habits into my routine that will keep me organized, relaxed, and happy all year long. Having been ridiculously busy in January, I’m hitting the reset button now and have finally made a huge change;… Read More

Five Things to Know BEFORE Colouring Your Hair

After leaving my hair completely untouched for the majority of my (fairly short) life, I decided I needed a change, and, if you’re here, you’re probably feeling the same way. Or you’re my mom, reading this because I told you to (thanks mom!). Anyways, I eventually took the plunge (after many long months of research) and added… Read More

Back To School: Study Tips

Whether it’s for a quiz, test, or final exam, studying is (for most of us) a necessary evil to do well. As the years go by, you learn the methods that work for you and those that… don’t. But, if you’re looking to try out something new this year, here are my own tried and… Read More